A partnership of experienced professionals

The best work-life balance is achieved through ownership that respects individual freedoms.

Why is ownership important?

Nowadays knowledge is more valuable than money. What enables a person to grant the gift of their knowledge to a company? From experience we know it’s a good work-life balance, which is achieved best through ownership involving decision-making power, with individual freedoms also being respected within the community. For us, it means 80% of our shares are owned by our specialist partners.

The key differences between ownership and that of an employee status concern decision-making, financial power, profit sharing, transparency of information, and growth in the company’s value. Ownership welds the entire company more tightly together, yet in terms of individual freedoms (granted by Finnish employment legislation and unions) the arrangement is no different from an employment relationship. No one is forced to own a share of the company, and divesting shares is never a problem. However, when you are a partner in your own workplace, work becomes more meaningful. Experiencing one’s job as meaningful enhances the effort one puts into one’s work. Our model also takes into account the possibilities for decision-making, which often become limited if the number of owners becomes too large. That is, our aim is to create a workplace that has actual co-decision-making structures and actual freedom and meaning.

As a work community, we want to participate in bringing about a better world and better services by helping our customers succeed in their digital endeavors. We are proud to be involved in many projects that are important for society – as well as on the global scale, for example through projects related to climate change.

Partners views

”You can apply to our crew, when you’ve found your passion and solid self confidence in work. You also show solidarity and understand what it means to work in a team of experts who support each other.”

-Jarno P. Senior Software Developer

”We’ve met over 800 experts face-to-face. Almost in all recruitments we prioritised also social skills, recommendations from colleagues and excellent references from projects.”

– Lauri N., COO

”As an owner I can decide about the company rules and use of profits. We’ve decided to invest in wellbeing and other important factors for people with families, e.g. six-week paid annual holidays and so on. In Luoto I’ve had more time for my family.

-Jaakko J., Senior Software Developer

Interested in becoming a partner?

Open partner positions: 0

Why 0? We believe that ownership is at its strongest when decisions are made in teams that are close to the customer, by people who know each other. Instead of investing in our own external growth, we focus on business development and helping our customers grow. We also see that the future of specialist work lies in smaller companies where people truly prosper.

The future is also about networks, which is why we want to hear your thoughts. If you are an experienced software development and/or data professional, get in touch and let’s have a chat! Follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know about any new opportunities we offer.

However, if you’re on the move, acquaint yourself with our story and our mission to promote fairness, which will continue in the ecosystem that we are creating around ourselves. Our new subsidiaries are creating their own vibrant identity and fairness-based companies, and are currently looking for new experts. We share the same values and operating model. Our ecosystem companies are listed at the bottom of the page.

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