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We offer the diverse skill sets of experienced professionals in architecture, software development and data expertise.

Luoto Company brings together committed and experienced professionals in the industry

We create high-quality digital services for our customers. Our core areas of expertise are in software development, architectures, data, quality, automation and project management. We specialize in customized, cloud-based open-source technological solutions. We provide flexible service as complete teams or in smooth collaboration with other suppliers.

Our truly unique feature is that we are a highly experienced team of partners, with an average of 14 years of diverse expertise in creating high-quality digital solutions. We are the only company in the industry to commit to positive customer experience throughout the entire company through significant joint ownership. We are the only company in the industry to commit to producing the best customer experience throughout the entire company through the motivation of joint ownership. In addition, due to joint ownership, we are not driven by the billable hours of each individual, and our decisions are made close to the customer, with their needs foremost in mind.

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Partners view

“Luoto’s joint ownership model creates strong commitment for long lasting customer relationships, skills development and strong results.”

-Martti R., Solution architect

”Modern sales, a.k.a customer experience happens on all company levels. For us it means e.g. experts joining the sales proposals or flawless invoicing.”

– Tuomas N., CEO

“We understand the meaning of quality in projects and its impact on the whole life cycle of software. We develop together with our clients successful software projects that work and can be maintained. Our development is also transparent and proactive.”

-Mikael S., Software architect and developer

Fair partnership with Luoto Company

Experienced specialists

We are all seasoned professionals with a passion for solving important, difficult business problems, using a wide range of expertise in technology and methodology.

Dedicated people

We always make a personal commitment to the agreed objectives. We are determined to be the best partner and our individuals are always supported by our close-knit team.

A solution-oriented approach

We ensure success in every assignment by first gaining an understanding of our customer’s culture and then strengthen it through a solution-oriented approach.

A reliable bridge-builder

Consultancy depends on trust and collaboration, which means that the customer’s culture takes precedence over our own. We always treat our customers and other parties fairly.

Customer experiences

“The unquestionable strength of Luoto Company is that I have never received anything less than the very best from them.”

Jussi Väisänen
Director Development and Technology
Posti Group

“I really like Luoto’s customer-driven values, which translate into genuine consulting that helps customers succeed.”

Jani Heinola
Information Technology Business Partner
Telia Finland

“Sometimes I even wonder if there’s anything to improve on in our collaboration, as everything works fantastically. I never dreamed it could be this easy.”

Hannu Sintonen

“Luoto seems to have hired only the cream of the crop. All the Luoto consultants who carried out work for us are productive professionals and worth every cent.”

Jussi Saarinen
IT Development manager
Suomen Asiakastieto

“I think it’s great that Luoto has ordinary, knowledgeable and good people.”

Mari Moisio
Digital Services Coordinator
Oma Säästöpankki

“Luoto’s developers hold strong solution-oriented mindset, self directed attitude but not in a way that customer would not be listened. They are also good in communication as a developers. ;)”

Jouni Utriainen

“In this fast paced and growing environment Luoto’s ability to serve with high expertise and fast has been priceless.”

Petri Luostarinen
Solution Manager
Musti Group

”All Luoto consultants with us are like diamonds. Guys have been taking responsibility and at the same time also given room for others. For us they are truly part of team, not just outside resources.”

Milka Virta
Head of Product Development

Want to hear more about our projects?

It goes without saying that our customers take the credit for their digital successes – and we want to keep it that way. At the same time, references are also more closely linked to the professionals than the company, so with the permission of our customers we are happy to tell you in our meeting about the latest, team-specific references that might interest you.

So far in its history, Luoto Company has served more than 30 satisfied customers in various industries. In addition, all our professionals have an average of 14 years of wide-ranging expertise in creating high-quality digital solutions in various fields and for a diverse range of customers.

High-quality software development

Quality is the result of the team and their highly valuable experience. Our team of partners has an average of 14 years of experience in developing digital services, and so we have condensed our understanding of quality doctrine into one concise framework. In the initial stages of a new development and during ongoing development, the framework helps the whole team to identify the key success factors.

In every project, we are strongly committed to ensuring success in close partnership with our customers. To make this happen, we find it extremely important that the factors affecting quality are clear to everyone. The handbook covers two different approaches: a general description, and a broader description covering the nature of the project.

The handbook can also be downloaded for free without submitting any contact information.

Contact us, if you have any thoughts or questions after reading the handbook. In addition to high-quality software development, we are keen to develop ideas related to a variety of topics, be it modern architecture, technology, data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, or other new trends in the industry.

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