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Luoto Company is digitalization service company owned by experienced professionals

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Expert work could be done far more fairly

Market research indicates that employees see no major differences between the companies in our industry, but customers feel that the customer experience varies. We want to create a new community that commits to a better customer experience through a fair structure. We carefully prepare the launch of our new concept.

The solution: ownership creates better customer experience

The customer experience is largely based on a willingness to do one’s best. This means that we need freedom and responsibility – in short, ownership. Ownership applied to the entire company is a new structure, so we also allocate time for legislation-related matters. The community and individual freedom are both essential. The first Luoto partners join in the fall.

Owners root for the best interest of customers

The main owners of Luoto Company are experienced professionals who point the way by putting the best interest of customers at the top of our list of objectives. In addition, in terms of the cohesive nature of joint ownership, we consider the similarity of roles and transparency to be highly important. This year, we will for the first time sign the rules of ownership together.

High customer satisfaction behind the rapid growth

A high customer satisfaction rate enables our fair community to grow sustainably close to the lower limit for medium-sized companies. We are pleased to serve a range of new customers, from startups to listed companies and the public sector, and to be able to carry out important projects together. In addition, we will further improve the partnership model during the year.

Kauppalehti: The best growth company in Finland

Our good work helps us through the global uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and carries through the fall. We received great public recognition for our success when Kauppalehti judged us the best growth company in Finland. The fact that we’re doing things well is confirmed by the excellent customer feedback we receive through our comprehensive customer satisfaction survey.

Ecosystem – a new direction for fairer growth

Experience has shown in many ways that ownership serves customers and professionals better. We believe that the future of successful specialist companies lies in small, jointly owned units that genuinely have no hierarchy, which is why we are opening our doors to ecosystem development. The model is also sufficiently mature to be applied by other entrepreneurs.

Join the story

Behind any new digital success is always a committed multi-skilled team. Our committed team of partners consists of experienced software development and data professionals who create growth and success for our customers. We are determined to be the best partner there is.

However, we understand that the entire team of partners must feel part of the success, which is why we built a fair ownership model for Finnish working life. This also shows in our level of and motivation. We never have a “I just work here” attitude – everything we do is based on the best interest of customers.

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